show GNOME notification bar/message tray in 13.04 + 3.8 PPA

Moe Blue moejoeblue at
Thu May 9 13:35:24 UTC 2013


I use ubuntu gnome 13.04 and the 3.8 PPA.

There is something different with the notification bar (aka message tray)
in gnome 3.8.

I read on the web that the notitification bar is much better in 3.8 and
shows up much faster wehn pulling mouse to the bottom. However, it does not
show up very often and I have to wait even longer when moving the mouse to
the message tray. Also the notification bar disappeared from
overview/activities mode (when pressed Super key).

Can I make the message bar permanent in overview mode? This would be a
configuration that makes sense to me.


Moe Blue
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