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Hi James,

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 2:53 PM, James Freer < at>wrote:

> I'd be grateful if someone could advise. I've been a Ubuntu/Xubuntu
> user since 2007. I want to install ubuntu-gnome but i'm a little
> unsure of how to do it with these larger isos for USB/DVD.

Head over:
And download the ISO.

> If one installs unetbootin; one has the option of downloading via
> a] distribution - i did this for xubuntu and it seems to select an iso
> from 'live' and all ok to then use in conjunction with PLoP. For some
> strange reason my two year old PC will not boot from USB despite going
> into the bios... i just seem to have an option for booting from
> removable media CD/DVD ok but not USB.

UNetbootin has issue with 13.04 releases. LiveUSB created by UNetbootin
doesn't really work if you use a 13.04 ISO. That is why, the 'dd' command
is the best way to go for that because even the disk creator has issue.

> b] As ubuntu-gnome isn't on the list i was going to do the manual
> Diskimage route... downloading the iso first. I found trying to do
> Diskimage and selecting the downloaded iso didn't seem to work.
You can do a direct download, no need to download that from UNetbootin :)

> The other option i presume is to use Start up disk creator - it's
> reviews seem poor so i haven't bothered. I'd be grateful if someone
> could put me right.
> Thanks
> james

As I mentioned, all my LiveUSB created by UNetbootin and Dick Creator
failed to boot.


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