new install with unetbootin

James Freer at
Thu Jul 18 16:14:41 UTC 2013

On Sun, 14 Jul 2013, Tim wrote:
> On 14/07/13 20:53, James Freer wrote:
>> I'd be grateful if someone could advise. I've been a Ubuntu/Xubuntu
>> user since 2007. I want to install ubuntu-gnome but i'm a little
>> unsure of how to do it with these larger isos for USB/DVD.
>> If one installs unetbootin; one has the option of downloading via
>> a] distribution - i did this for xubuntu and it seems to select an iso
>> from 'live' and all ok to then use in conjunction with PLoP. For some
>> strange reason my two year old PC will not boot from USB despite going
>> into the bios... i just seem to have an option for booting from
>> removable media CD/DVD ok but not USB.
>> b] As ubuntu-gnome isn't on the list i was going to do the manual
>> Diskimage route... downloading the iso first. I found trying to do
>> Diskimage and selecting the downloaded iso didn't seem to work.

> That should work. What happened? any error messages/logs?

Thanks for your reply. A second attempt and no problems - i was confused why 
i couldn't find the home directory where the iso was but it is just different 
listing of the directories. I seemed stuck in the File system as i thought but 
didn't spot /home.

Do any of you use PLoP for booting the usb? For some reason neither of my 
machines (main PC only two years old) won't boot on the usb so i am going to 
use PLoP. Thing is IF one is going to use PLoP why does one need to use 
unetbootin for the usb. I thought if PLoP is going to provide the 'bootup' - 
why can't one just copy the iso to a usb.

I've now had two cdroms die on me on another machine which i was going to use 
to learn some compiling. I was going to get another CD/DVD but it seems IDE 
ones are no longer available. So i was going to use the 3.5 floppy for PLoP and 
switch from xubuntu to ubuntu-gnome (as it seems xubuntu doesn't recognise 3.5 
drives either as internal drive or usb drive (i have both)). Does ubuntu-gnome? 
or has *buntu dropped support for 3.5 floppy. I know some folk consider them 
old fashioned but useful for booting off. The 3.5 floppy was certainly 
recognised by ubuntu 9.xx which was the last two versions i used before 
switching to xubuntu.


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