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I couldn't agree more with Julien.
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> Le mardi 06 août 2013 à 20:33 -0700, ovar Genaro Bibriesca a écrit :
> > hi im Genaro Bibriesca from mexico
> Hi Genaro,
> >  , im using fedora xfce,  im think Ubuntu gnome need a unique
> > identity , a little personalitation, like manjaro with the dark
> > theme , if offer only a pure gnome experience same as fedora or same
> > as install it from repos  the distro never going to be atracctive  .
> I don't really understand how the fact that its look isn't customized
> makes it less attractive? Do you choose your distribution based on the
> default look? I know I don't. The goal of this distribution is to offer
> the power and simplicity of Ubuntu (easy-to-install drivers,
> comprehensive Debian-based repositories etc...) but with the GNOME
> desktop instead of the Unity one. Customizing the look of the desktop is
> the user's duty, if he feels the need to. More over, when you customize
> the look, you make controversial choices. Look at the reaction of users
> after Ubuntu chose to base its theme on the dark, then orange, colors!
> This is exactly the kind of debate Ubuntu GNOME should absolutely avoid
> by sticking to the default as much as possible. This way, the debate is
> pushed to the GNOME devel forums :)
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