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> hi im Genaro Bibriesca from mexico ,

Hello/Hola Genaro :)

Welcome to Ubuntu GNOME mailing list :) we are glad to welcome you with
open arms :)

im using fedora xfce,

I haven't yet used it, but I'm just impressed with the great documentation
that Fedora has. It is always an example for me to follow. I'm trying my
best here but, I still have much to do :)


By the way, I'd recommend to Bookmark the OneStopPage, it will be your one
and only reference to each and everything to Ubuntu GNOME, right from the
people who are putting sweat, blood and tears, daily basis, days and
nights, to give the users the best experience ever that one couldn't
imagine :)

> im think Ubuntu gnome need a unique identity , a little personalitation,
> like manjaro with the dark theme , if offer only a pure gnome experience
> same as fedora or same as install it from repos  the distro never going to
> be atracctive  .

While I appreciate your feedback and suggestions, I am afraid I must
disagree with you :)
May I explain why?

   1. Linux, is all about 'Choice' and the one who is going to make that
   choice, is You.
   2. Be the change you want to see around. If you are interested to see a
   change, be that change :) contribute and help if you think there is
   something need to be improved. Who said Ubuntu GNOME OR any other Linux
   Distribution is perfect? there is no such thing as "perfect".
   3. Copying someone's else experiment is never going to be creative. Be
   creative, be different, be new, be motivated, be pro-active, be optimistic.
   These are what Ubuntu GNOME team is made of :)
   4. What is the point to have a X-Like Theme, where X is any Linux
   Distribution? why to waste time and have a system Like Ubuntu GNOME if it
   is going to be a clone from another system? I see no good point over here :)
   5. I've been around. I've been there. I have got the T-Shirt. I have
   participated and contributed heavily and actively in many projects -
   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad - trust me, NONE of these projects are
   similar nor their teams. If two were alike, then there was no point to
   waste time and join any :)
   6. Remember: All of us are smarter than anyone of us. We are a young
   team, yet, very eager to challenge time and limited human resources and
   provide what could draw a smile on someone's face.
   7. You are using Linux. You are FREE to tweak the system you are using
   the way YOU like. No one can force anything on you. This is the Open Source

> i know a  basic java, javascript and php.
> im going to test the alpha iso on virtual machine.

That would be so nice and kind. We do need testers. In fact, without
testing, we would never have a release :) or to be more accurate, we won't
have anything new.

Please, head over: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/Testing

If you have any Q, feel free to ping me on this list and I'm at your

Last but not least, thank you for Testing Ubuntu GNOME :)

*Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
*Best Regards,
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