Hi everyone

Julien Olivier julo42 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 08:19:54 UTC 2013

Le mardi 06 août 2013 à 20:33 -0700, ovar Genaro Bibriesca a écrit :
> hi im Genaro Bibriesca from mexico

Hi Genaro,

>  , im using fedora xfce,  im think Ubuntu gnome need a unique
> identity , a little personalitation, like manjaro with the dark
> theme , if offer only a pure gnome experience same as fedora or same
> as install it from repos  the distro never going to be atracctive  .

I don't really understand how the fact that its look isn't customized
makes it less attractive? Do you choose your distribution based on the
default look? I know I don't. The goal of this distribution is to offer
the power and simplicity of Ubuntu (easy-to-install drivers,
comprehensive Debian-based repositories etc...) but with the GNOME
desktop instead of the Unity one. Customizing the look of the desktop is
the user's duty, if he feels the need to. More over, when you customize
the look, you make controversial choices. Look at the reaction of users
after Ubuntu chose to base its theme on the dark, then orange, colors!
This is exactly the kind of debate Ubuntu GNOME should absolutely avoid
by sticking to the default as much as possible. This way, the debate is
pushed to the GNOME devel forums :)

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