Error in french gnome translation

Mertiki mertiki at
Lun 8 Oct 15:51:25 UTC 2007


I've found a translation in language-pack-gnome-fr which can easily lead
to confusion.

When copying files from a source folder to a destination folder than
contain the same files, metacity ask the user what to do. In english,
the given choices are "Skip" and "Replace" while in french the choices
are "Ignorer" and "Remplacer". The problem here is that Ignorer can lead
to confusion has we can have many interpretation of that word. It can
means "Ignore the message and overwrite the files" as much as "ignore
the files and continue the copy process".

I've see more people than just me being not sure at what option should
be choosed. It's just by reading the second option (Remplacer) that we
can be sure of what means "Ignorer" in this text dialog, so in my point
of view, this confusing translation could eventually lead to data loss
for people who doesn't use computer very oftenly.

Here's a screenshot :

My suggestion would be to replace "Ignorer" by "Conserver", so the given
choices would be "Conserver" and "Remplacer". By using these 2 words,
any people would know the consequences of each action instantaneously.

I opened a bug for this on launchpad :

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