Helping new users with setting up Edubuntu server

David Groos djgroos at
Sun Jun 20 00:47:27 BST 2010

Upon creating the page, I'll race you to copying and pasting these bullet
points on the page!  But seriously, what should be on the page?  I'm a
newcomer--only been here a couple of years and pretty much only active on
the irc and mail lists during the summer months.  I'll try to get to the
next meeting as per the wiki info on the meeting:

[image: {i}] The Edubuntu team meets on IRC in the #ubuntu-meeting channel.
For more information on IRC and how to join this IRC channel, please refer
to the Edubuntu contact <> page.

   - Meetings take place every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC

   Meeting times are published on The Ubuntu Fridge:

(NOT 20:00!) and get some more perspective on this.  Also all, please add
some perspective here for all to see.  I know there are many members who
have many hundreds of hours contributing to this community/project.


On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 1:35 AM, ps <ps at> wrote:

> Dear Belinda & David
> My suggestions for the Edubuntu/Debian/LTSP Vision:
> - installation to be done in simple, logical steps;
> - easy to install the basic system (the current Debian/Ubuntu installer
> should be worked over so that all parameters can be entered in one go and
> the rest of the installation happens unattended - like PC-BSD);
> - one easy step to add the LTSP parts, including NX or similar;
> - easy setup/integration of group-oriented tools/programs (e.g. VNC,
> moodle, etc.) in a coherent "School Configuration" tool;
> - creation of an admin/teacher tool with which you can do the essential
> admin jobs for a school, e.g. install/delete users, change rights of users
> to certain services/programs, open/close internet/chat/skype/etc access for
> individual users, setup/maintenance of a website blacklist, monitoring of
> individual users progress, choose applications for LocalApps, etc.
> Most of the above can be put together from existing building blocks.
> What is needed is some brainstorming - by active users - about what makes
> sense. The final product should be streamlined with an intuitive
> look-and-feel; the user interface should be self-explanatory (remember what
> Bill G. said: the more stupid the users can be, the larger the market; it's
> an ugly way of putting the harsh facts). Teachers don't usually want to be
> sys-admins, their strengths lie elsewhere; the system should support them in
> what they do well!
> Regards,
> Paul
> PS: We have built and used an LTSP System for the past 5 years and have
> accumulated a lot of experience in this direction).
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