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Fri Jun 18 07:35:02 BST 2010

Dear Belinda & David

My suggestions for the Edubuntu/Debian/LTSP Vision:

- installation to be done in simple, logical steps;
- easy to install the basic system (the current Debian/Ubuntu installer 
should be worked over so that all parameters can be entered in one go 
and the rest of the installation happens unattended - like PC-BSD);
- one easy step to add the LTSP parts, including NX or similar;
- easy setup/integration of group-oriented tools/programs (e.g. VNC, 
moodle, etc.) in a coherent "School Configuration" tool;
- creation of an admin/teacher tool with which you can do the essential 
admin jobs for a school, e.g. install/delete users, change rights of 
users to certain services/programs, open/close internet/chat/skype/etc 
access for individual users, setup/maintenance of a website blacklist, 
monitoring of individual users progress, choose applications for 
LocalApps, etc.

Most of the above can be put together from existing building blocks.

What is needed is some brainstorming - by active users - about what 
makes sense. The final product should be streamlined with an intuitive 
look-and-feel; the user interface should be self-explanatory (remember 
what Bill G. said: the more stupid the users can be, the larger the 
market; it's an ugly way of putting the harsh facts). Teachers don't 
usually want to be sys-admins, their strengths lie elsewhere; the system 
should support them in what they do well!



PS: We have built and used an LTSP System for the past 5 years and have 
accumulated a lot of experience in this direction).

Belinda Lopez wrote:
> David Groos wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> As I mentioned in a previous e-mail I really feel the need for maybe a 
>> dozen, well-made, wiki pages that describe how to set up a basic but 
>> fully functioning Edubuntu/LTSP Lucid server with the basic 
>> educational needs addressed.  Probably lots of this already exists--my 
>> goal is to update them to Lucid AND perhaps most importantly, give 
>> them good visibility on <> so when a 
>> new person arrives there they are welcomed into our community with a 
>> helpful and informational 'red carpet'.
>> Here are a couple of initial questions:
>>    1. How do I get a link on the edubuntu page?
> I think Jonathan Carter has write access to that area. 
>>    1. What is the official page on the edubuntu or ubuntu wiki for
>>       installing Lucid (hopefully with info on installing LTSP).
> Canonical does not have an official one so it kind of depends on what 
> you mean by official.  I would consider it official like the 
> Documentation work if the community supports it.  perhaps with the ok 
> from the edubuntu council?
>>    1. Which wiki should I add/update this content, ubuntu or edubuntu?
> At this point I'd recommend the official ubuntu wiki as I think there is 
> more activity there and anyone searching there will find a link to it.  
> I don't think there is cross wiki search functionality at this point.  
> So maybe the bulk of it on the Ubuntu wiki and a page on the edubuntu 
> wiki so folks can find it in a search there.
>>    1. What is the relationship between these wikis and what is the
>>       vision for the edubuntu wiki?
> Not sure there is a long term vision for edubuntu at the moment. :-(   
> It's being driven by the developer community and they have done an 
> outstanding job to keep the project moving forward.  Other than 
> blueprints for the next cycle I would love to see and help work on a 
> long term vision.
>>    1. I'm thinking I should start a 'specifications' wiki page on
>>       these dozen pages, on edubuntu wiki, right?  Name?
> sounds great!  keep us updated on your progress.
> FYI:  I've been working on an Edubuntu course in Moodle for the Kids on 
> computers project.  They asked about maybe adding an LTSP and networking 
> section to it.  You can find the current work in progress here:
>>   1.
>> Thanks for your support,
> thanks for your work!
> Dinda
>> David
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