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David Groos wrote:
> Hi All,
> As I mentioned in a previous e-mail I really feel the need for maybe a
> dozen, well-made, wiki pages that describe how to set up a basic but
> fully functioning Edubuntu/LTSP Lucid server with the basic
> educational needs addressed.  Probably lots of this already exists--my
> goal is to update them to Lucid AND perhaps most importantly, give
> them good visibility on <> so when a
> new person arrives there they are welcomed into our community with a
> helpful and informational 'red carpet'.
> Here are a couple of initial questions:
>    1. How do I get a link on the edubuntu page?

I think Jonathan Carter has write access to that area. 
>    1. What is the official page on the edubuntu or ubuntu wiki for
>       installing Lucid (hopefully with info on installing LTSP).
Canonical does not have an official one so it kind of depends on what
you mean by official.  I would consider it official like the
Documentation work if the community supports it.  perhaps with the ok
from the edubuntu council?
>    1. Which wiki should I add/update this content, ubuntu or edubuntu?

At this point I'd recommend the official ubuntu wiki as I think there is
more activity there and anyone searching there will find a link to it. 
I don't think there is cross wiki search functionality at this point. 
So maybe the bulk of it on the Ubuntu wiki and a page on the edubuntu
wiki so folks can find it in a search there.
>    1. What is the relationship between these wikis and what is the
>       vision for the edubuntu wiki?
Not sure there is a long term vision for edubuntu at the moment. :-(  
It's being driven by the developer community and they have done an
outstanding job to keep the project moving forward.  Other than
blueprints for the next cycle I would love to see and help work on a
long term vision.
>    1. I'm thinking I should start a 'specifications' wiki page on
>       these dozen pages, on edubuntu wiki, right?  Name?

sounds great!  keep us updated on your progress.

FYI:  I've been working on an Edubuntu course in Moodle for the Kids on
computers project.  They asked about maybe adding an LTSP and networking
section to it.  You can find the current work in progress here:

>   1.
> Thanks for your support,

thanks for your work!


> David

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