12.04 Release Notes - starting early so we can make them better.

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at canonical.com
Fri Apr 20 02:46:49 UTC 2012

Dear Ubuntu Documentation Team Members, ....

    We've now started producing the release candidates, so the content
is pretty much settled (baring bug fixes and last minute security
updates... ;) ).   Release Note content is coming in from the leads, and
all the products have their own pages now at [1].  Goal is to have the
release notes final by Wednesday next week.

    Anyone willing to help with editorial passes would be very welcome.
Content will continue being added over next week (bugs and refining
features), but a starting point is now in place.

    What would be really cool, is if these release notes could contain
pointers to key sections in the documentation that's been generated for
this release.   Is this possible?  Volunteers?

    If anyone spots highlights that should be added to them in terms of
the features,  please feel free to add it in to the appropriate page.

Thanks,  Kate    

On Mon, 2012-03-19 at 20:30 -0500, Kate Stewart wrote:
> Dear Ubuntu Documentation Team Members,
>    Rather than wait to the last minute, we're trying something different
> this release... getting most of the release notes done BEFORE we come to
> the release candidate week. ;)  Many thank you's to those who helped out
> at the last minute and did some editorial passes, hopefully this time
> there will be a little more time to polish and add useful content.
>    The framework for the release notes is now up [1], and will be filled
> in over the next month or so, as content emerges.  Right now its a
> little sparse,  I'll be finishing consolidating the input from the alpha
> and beta milestones in it this week.  During the last week before the
> release,  we'll hopefully only have to be adding those bugs that we just
> couldn't fix in time.  The week by week plan from now until the end of
> the release for the release notes is available [2].  
>    For those who are able to help out this cycle, there is a sign up
> sheet at the bottom of the plan [2].  Help would be most welcome in the
> following areas:
>  * Summarizing changes between the 10.04 LTS and this release
>  * Providing links to more detailed documentation so folks can just
>    click to learn more about a new feature.
>  * Improving the descriptions of new features from the user's
>    perspective.
>  * Improving the summary of the known bugs so it makes sense to
>    a user, esp. when there is a workaround.
>  * Editorial passes for spelling/grammar/coherence between the
>    different pages.
> Please add your name to the week you're able to help out on [2], so I
> can let you know if anything changes/issues/etc.
> If you can think of other ways we can make these release notes better
> please chime up on this thread.  :)   and thanks for any help you can
> provide.
> Kate
> [1]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes
> [2]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/Editors 

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