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Marc Kaplan mk at
Fri Jun 26 12:11:09 UTC 2009

Yes, sort of.  That is the Wiki playbook that I have been working on.
Due to a data loss it is taking slightly longer than expected.  It
will be discussed in greater detail at the meeting on Saturday.

Marc K.

On 6/26/09, Joe Burgess <joemburgess at> wrote:
> So I was thinking about the wiki while I was working on the backup
> section, do we want a sort of standard wiki conventions? Things such as
> the Table of Contents.  I don't think the standard (standard being the
> one floated right and such) ToC is listed
> anywhere people just kind of see it and then use it.  Also things like
> warning boxes and the like.  Look at the differences between this
> and this
> . Both work, but
> which one is right? I took mine from the ssh section because I thought
> it looked good. There is no standard place where you can find the code
> to these and that encourage the use of one standard or another.  I think
> that would be useful, what do you think?  I would be happy to work with
> someone or by myself to make a wiki page that we can all agree on with
> standard conventions and things such as the info and error boxes.  If
> there is already such thing and I am just an idiot feel free to tell me
> and I will shutup.  Thanks!
> P.S. I am going to use some of the already made backup articles in my
> re-org of the backup section. I want them to appear at Backup/Page.
> Should I copy/paste them to where I want them in my sandbox, or should I
> just link them and then someone will move them to the right place?
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