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Fri Jun 26 11:07:21 UTC 2009

So I was thinking about the wiki while I was working on the backup
section, do we want a sort of standard wiki conventions? Things such as
the Table of Contents.  I don't think the standard (standard being the
one floated right and such) ToC is listed
anywhere people just kind of see it and then use it.  Also things like
warning boxes and the like.  Look at the differences between this and this . Both work, but
which one is right? I took mine from the ssh section because I thought
it looked good. There is no standard place where you can find the code
to these and that encourage the use of one standard or another.  I think
that would be useful, what do you think?  I would be happy to work with
someone or by myself to make a wiki page that we can all agree on with
standard conventions and things such as the info and error boxes.  If
there is already such thing and I am just an idiot feel free to tell me
and I will shutup.  Thanks!

P.S. I am going to use some of the already made backup articles in my
re-org of the backup section. I want them to appear at Backup/Page.
Should I copy/paste them to where I want them in my sandbox, or should I
just link them and then someone will move them to the right place?

--Joe Burgess
CMU Information Systems '12
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