more, Ubiquity Slideshow for Ubuntu

mac_v drkvi-a at
Tue Jun 16 19:27:55 UTC 2009

H S wrote:
> What a great discussion!  I'm happy to be a part of it.
> After reading all the comments, here are some of my thoughts:
> * I still say the slides are too small.  They show much a small portion
> of the screens to which they refer, that only a seasoned Ubuntu user
> would recognize them.  Instead of 3 slides per page, just use one or
> two, and make them larger, so we can at least recognize what they are
> showing.  Also, we can take a page from the Apple notebook here: 
> minimalism.   Less is more.

what about implementing the desktop screenshot as the backgrounds and
looping the 3 screenshots in a single slide? as i had described in my
previous mail?

Is that not possible?

Dougie Richardson wrote:
I don't see the purpose of telling people to install
> ubuntu-restricted-extras or Flash, since Firefox and the media players
> are meant to do that themselves. Still, the last slide should point
> people to community help information. (Which currently the first slide
> does. That needs fixing).

These are self installing, so doesnt need to be addressed as this is
common behavior in all systems

> I don't know if the release team would like something that says "use
> Medibuntu!" in such a prominent place.

When there is a dedicated Wiki section, i dont see the harm... but needs
to be consider...

> We're making a lot of assumptions about our user base - that they're
> all proficient in Windows is the biggest, if they don't know what the
> start button is then there is no point in describing our system in
> comparison!

There is no need to minuscule any user...!  Just because we are computer
literate , doesnt mean their line of work requires basic computing

A simple single slide,with 3 screenshots showing in a loop should do the

"TO start using the system , click in the panel menu,
All the programs are listed here in categories " screenshot showing the
expanded view of the menu

"Your personal folder are listed as<DOCUMENTS/PICTURES/MUSIC>in the
places menu" with screenshot of the places menu expanded.

"All system preferences and administrative tasks are listed in the
System menu" with the screenshot

Is adding such a single slide going to be a difficult task?


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