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Alan Pope wrote:
> 2009/7/19 Phil Bull <philbull at>:
>> We should look into ways of easing or dividing the workload (I noticed
>> that that was mentioned on the Screencast team wiki pages). Would you
>> mind providing a typical time budget for the creation of a screencast?
> It entirely depends on the screencast. For example you could have one
> which consists of mostly 'theory' with a few OO.o slides being shown.
> This would be lighter on planning than some of the more deeply
> technical ones. Some have been really quite tricky to setup. For
> example in one screencast I detailed how to do an install from the
> alternate CD and showed how to setup the disks with and without RAID.
> Now setting up the disks isn't exactly hard but getting the necessary
> infrastructure that you can record that reliably and show people what
> it will look like on their system needs a bit of thought and quite a
> bit of prep.
> Another key part of this (for me) is keeping a stable environment
> around that I can record on, and a system which doesn't deviate too
> much from a standard install. I personally like to record screencasts
> showing the default desktop theme, with few if any changes. Perhaps
> this is misguided, I know some people get thrown off by different
> themes/looks, maybe it's less of an issue than I'm making it.
> There's also the question of duration. There's certainly room I
> believe for long format screencasts which who (for example) how to do
> an installation, and shorter ones which might give a bite sized chunk
> of info "How do I find out if my CPU does VT?".
> As for timing budget, it's a little hard for me to come up with
> anything accurate, but for a basic 20 min screencast.
> * Planning - 2 hours
>  * Prepping slides, making sure apps work, creating data to use with
> apps, cleaning up environment from previous screencasts.
> * Video Recording - 0.5 hour
>  *
> * Editing - 1 hour
> * Audio Recording - 1 hour
>  * Assuming audio being dubbed on after video recorded and edited
> * Video upload - 2-3 hours
>  * Depending upon connection, duration and number of formats
> * Page creation - 30 mins
>  * Completely remove this if we use
> * Subtitling - ?? Don't know, I don't do it, but could imagine an hour
> isn't unreasonable
> * Translation of subtitles - again, I don't know.
> These are very rough of course.
> Cheers,
> Al.
Standard development rates are about 10x production time per minute/hour
of final video; 1 hour video takes about 10 hours to produce.  Alan's
correct, the planning and setup can take more time than the actual
screencast creation.

There might be some value in trying to work with the Ubuntu Community 
Learning Project as some of their members are also interested in doing

Also, the shorter the better!  short segments ( 2- 3 min max) are easier
to view, rewatch and scrub through.  Instead of one long topic, i.e.
Customizing your Desktop, have lots of short vids, one for each area you
want to cover; changing your background, adding applets, etc..



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