Wiki Team Launchpad permissions (was Re: Proposal: Create product for each derivative's documentation)

Matthew East mdke at
Mon Apr 20 13:04:14 UTC 2009

I've created this page as a proposal for the group structure going
forward, and to document more clearly what the requirements for
involvement in the subteams are.

Once approved, I'd anticipate this page being linked in the
DocumentationTeam menubar.

Some comments:

1. There has been some discussion earlier in this thread about whether
the names of the teams should use a consistent convention (for
example, whether the ubuntu-core-doc team should be renamed to
ubuntu-doc-system-admin or similar). I don't think they should, for
two reasons. First, the proposed teams have different functions, and
while in theory they could all start with "ubuntu-doc", I don't think
there is any need to use other conventions. Secondly, the
ubuntu-core-doc team has now had its name for some time, it works and
is reflected in plenty of documentation, links and packaging. I don't
anticipate changing that name.

2.  The role and use of the open team needs some discussion. I've used
"contributors" as the name for the draft, as it is probably the least
objectionable of the names put forward so far. But in reality, if
there is no need to contribute in order to join the team, then it is
more of a "fan club" type team. Naming the team "contributors" would
falsely give the impression that all members of the team have
contributed. With open teams, that isn't normally the case, because
people *will* join the team and then lose interest. That may not
matter. I don't think there is any serious risk of people using
membership of that team negatively (for example, as a way to try and
achieve Ubuntu membership), especially if it is properly documented,
but we should consider whether there is a better name out there
somewhere! Dean's idea of simply using the ubuntu-doc umbrella team as
the open team is a good one, but I think it is a cleaner solution if
we adopt a separate subteam for this, at least initially, because it
means that we will have more scope for using the team creatively.

3. Together with implementing this structure, I'd like to eliminate
the use of "Wiki Team" from our wiki pages, so that the Wiki is just
one of the two major projects of the DocumentationTeam - one thing
that this thread has clearly brought out is that a separate wiki team
is not a good idea.

4. Lastly, this is a good opportunity to have a cleanup of the
~ubuntu-core-doc team to remove members who have not contributed in a
long time: if anyone thinks this isn't a good idea, go ahead and say

Please go ahead and write your thoughts on the proposed structure and

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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