Server Guide Proposal (LAMP/Tomcat/Scripting Languages)

Marc Kaplan ubuntu-docs at
Wed Sep 24 23:50:14 UTC 2008

LAMP Server
Currently, there is an outdated and very lengthy document regarding
building a LAMP server:

This can be especially confusing when it addresses both PHP4 and PHP5

I recommend to the Server Guide team that we compare this information with
the documents listed within the Server Guide and combine/tag for deletion

This also includes, but not limited to:

I also recommend that we add this Tomcat article under the "Web Server"

Programming/Scripting Languages
Instead of having PHP5 under Webserver, perhaps set aside a separate
section for Scripting Languages:

PHP5 - Scripting Language

Within this Programming section, we could then put the definitive
documentation on installing the JDK/JRE, how to check which versions are
installed, how to set the JAVA_HOME, etc.....

(I know it can be hard to keep up with current Java versions, but this
would at least give us a basic foundation to work from)

That, of course, would be connected to the Tomcat documentation.


Thoughts?  Comments?  Suggestions?

I've never used Launchpad so I do not know whether this would be something
added/assigned through there, and if so, how.

Marc K.

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