Developing the WikiTeam Homepage

Marc K ubuntu-docs at
Sat Sep 6 02:44:18 UTC 2008

First of all, love the new theme, but I think that if we do this, we should
try to focus on including the "Parent article/Category" as breadcrumb links
unless it can be included in the theme.

I just wanted to bring everyone's attention to a revamping that I have
completed regarding the Wiki Team Home Page.  Because, to be honest, that
is what it really "should" be.

>From there, it is a jumping off point to the Cleanup and ToDo List.  This
is just the start.  There is more to follow.

For those of you who keep asking about wanting to get started, check out
the ToDo List, grab a page, and jump in.

I will attempt to be in the chat room at various points throughout tomorrow
and Sunday to help newcomers.

In addition [Sidebar], there was a note on the ToDo List under the forum
section that there might be an issues with licensing?  I added a note on
the page stating that the section and process is under review by the
Documentation/WikiTeam and I motion that it does get put under review.

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