Proceeding with the "Summer of Documentation"

Connor Imes rocket2dmn at
Thu Jun 19 02:52:03 UTC 2008

We have mostly finished marking pages for CategoryDeletion, so when we
can expect that those with delete powers will start acting on this?  A
number of pages were added to WikiToDo beforehand, but are also in
CategoryDeletion.  If you run across other pages that should be deleted,
please feel free to add them to this category, esp. since we decided not
to keep pages around that are not used for currently supported versions
of Ubuntu.

With that task mostly completed, those of us with the UF Beginners Team
have had our first little Focus Group meeting and are getting prepared
to start working on CategoryCleanup and CategoryNeedsExpansion; some
work has already begun.

Any other help marking pages for the cleanup and expansion categories is
appreciated since we can't cover every page.

I thought I remembered seeing a page on the wiki somewhere that we can
note who is going to be working on specific pages to help aid
communication about that, but I don't remember where it is (or if I'm
just crazy).  Can somebody please point me to that if it exists?

Also, if there are any other approaches to the editing process, or
useful pieces of information that we should have before we really get
rolling, please let us know.

-Connor Imes

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