Proceeding with the "Summer of Documentation"

Matthew East mdke at
Thu Jun 19 07:44:46 UTC 2008


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 3:52 AM, Connor Imes <rocket2dmn at> wrote:
> We have mostly finished marking pages for CategoryDeletion, so when we
> can expect that those with delete powers will start acting on this?  A
> number of pages were added to WikiToDo beforehand, but are also in
> CategoryDeletion.  If you run across other pages that should be deleted,
> please feel free to add them to this category, esp. since we decided not
> to keep pages around that are not used for currently supported versions
> of Ubuntu.

I will go through these pages gradually in the next few days. So far
I've found a few that I haven't deleted, but have deleted most.

> With that task mostly completed, those of us with the UF Beginners Team
> have had our first little Focus Group meeting and are getting prepared
> to start working on CategoryCleanup and CategoryNeedsExpansion; some
> work has already begun.

Yes, feel free to go ahead with this - it's very helpful work!

> I thought I remembered seeing a page on the wiki somewhere that we can
> note who is going to be working on specific pages to help aid
> communication about that, but I don't remember where it is (or if I'm
> just crazy).  Can somebody please point me to that if it exists?

I can't remember if this exists, but you could certainly create one if not.

> Also, if there are any other approaches to the editing process, or
> useful pieces of information that we should have before we really get
> rolling, please let us know.

As long as you've read the WikiGuide pages, then you are good to go!

Matthew East
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