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Matthew East mdke at
Sat Jun 14 10:44:47 UTC 2008


On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 9:35 PM, Phil Bull <philbull at> wrote:
> Some time ago, Adam Sommer wrote a macro which addresses this problem in
> a more visible way [1]. As far as I remember, the macro has been tested
> and is pretty much ready to deploy. Perhaps we should try to get this
> installed on the live server?

Yes, this thread also raises a problem which is addressed by the spec
at and Adam's code
addresses this part of it. We definitely need to get going with
implementing that spec during the coming months - to be honest I think
it's pretty well advanced and ready to go. We already have another
thread open about the spec so let's continue talking about its
implementation there.

Matthew East
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