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On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 23:03 -0400, indigo196 at wrote:
> My first poke in the list...
> I would like to discuss the need to make the wiki more easily
> maintainable.
> When I was first starting to use Ubuntu (and Linux seriously) I had
> some issues with finding documentation that was out of date due to it
> being for an old version.
> I would like to suggest adding a category for the version of Ubuntu
> that the documentation was created under or last reviewed for. This
> would have the double benefit of making it clear to users what version
> it was written for and making it easier for maintainers to find pages
> that need 'checking' and/or revision.
> Potentially this can be done by using the version name
> "CategoryHardyHeron" or potentially it could be done by using a more
> generic "CategoryLTS", "CategoryCurrentVersion",
> "CategoryARchivedVersions"... or some other idea I have not thought
> of.

I think that adding a category for each version of Ubuntu that a
document applies to would be a simple, decent solution to the problem.
The major failing of this approach, as I see it, is that such categories
lie at the bottom of the page and aren't very visible.

Some time ago, Adam Sommer wrote a macro which addresses this problem in
a more visible way [1]. As far as I remember, the macro has been tested
and is pretty much ready to deploy. Perhaps we should try to get this
installed on the live server?



[1] -

Phil Bull

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