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> Hello all:
> My first poke in the list...
> I would like to discuss the need to make the wiki more easily maintainable.
> When I was first starting to use Ubuntu (and Linux seriously) I had some
> issues with finding documentation that was out of date due to it being for
> an old version.
> I would like to suggest adding a category for the version of Ubuntu that
> the documentation was created under or last reviewed for. This would have
> the double benefit of making it clear to users what version it was written
> for and making it easier for maintainers to find pages that need 'checking'
> and/or revision.
> Potentially this can be done by using the version name "CategoryHardyHeron"
> or potentially it could be done by using a more generic "CategoryLTS",
> "CategoryCurrentVersion", "CategoryARchivedVersions"... or some other idea I
> have not thought of.
> Other than that - hello to everyone and please let me know how I can
> assist.
> Thanks,
> PrivateVoid
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I would vote for that idea as well.  There should be a way at look then at
all CategoryArchivedVersions and removing pages that deal w/ Breezy, etc
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