Maintenance Idea - Wiki

indigo196 at indigo196 at
Tue Jun 10 03:03:48 UTC 2008

Hello all:

My first poke in the list...

I would like to discuss the need to make the wiki more easily maintainable.

When I was first starting to use Ubuntu (and Linux seriously) I had some issues with finding documentation that was out of date due to it being for an old version.

I would like to suggest adding a category for the version of Ubuntu that the documentation was created under or last reviewed for. This would have the double benefit of making it clear to users what version it was written for and making it easier for maintainers to find pages that need 'checking' and/or revision.

Potentially this can be done by using the version name "CategoryHardyHeron" or potentially it could be done by using a more generic "CategoryLTS", "CategoryCurrentVersion", "CategoryARchivedVersions"... or some other idea I have not thought of.

Other than that - hello to everyone and please let me know how I can assist.


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