Wiki Overhaul, round 1

Connor Imes rocket2dmn at
Wed Jun 11 07:21:47 UTC 2008

Matthew East wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 2:20 AM, Connor Imes <rocket2dmn at> wrote:
>> Re: Recommended Page Deletions
>> So, we have created a new Category called CategoryDeletion -
>> at Matt's request.
> Thanks for doing this.
>> I also marked people's homepages that were either empty or had links to
>> homepages for Deletion.  If anybody has objections to
>> this, please speak up.  I would ultimately like email all those who have
>> homepages and list emails on them to let them know that their homepages
>> should be on so that we can delete them later (to remove
>> clutter).
> Sorry, I answered your private email on this first before seeing that
> you had posted to the list two, so you're getting this response twice.
> It's inappropriate to delete these pages. There is a good reason to
> have a homepage that forwards to the wiki, it's so that when you edit
> a page, the username that appears at the bottom ("Last edited by
> MatthewEast at xxxx") is linked to the homepage and people can contact
> you. The reason for having a page that forwards to the other wiki is
> to avoid maintaining two pages twice.
Good call, I didn't realize/remember that it automatically set links for
some editors (for most it does not).  I will undo those particular edits
within the next few days since I won't be around tomorrow and am off to
bed in a minute.  I'll assume we can keep for deletion the homepages
that didn't have any content in them whatsoever.

> There may be the possibility in the future for usernames to link to a
> launchpad account or a separate "Homepages wiki", but until that
> happens, we should permit people to create a homepage on each wiki.
I think it would make the most sense to link to Launchpad pages since
you use your LP profile to edit the wiki.  Then LP has a link to
personal wiki pages.

>> Re: Outdated Pages
>> Although I don't mind deleting them, some of the pages for unsupported
>> versions of Ubuntu may want to be archived on since I
>> noticed they have CategoryArchive -
>> - this may be more appropriate
>> for the core pages.
> If a page could conceivably be updated or be useful in the future, it
> shouldn't be deleted. If it couldn't be useful, then it should be
> deleted.
Right, that is why we are only tagging pages that have no use and can't
be updated.

CategoryDeletion is useful because it makes it easy for us to mark pages
so they can be discussed later, like via the mailing list as we are now.
 These are exactly the types of discussions we need, thank you for the


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