Wiki Overhaul, round 1

Charles Davis oldsoldier at
Wed Jun 11 01:47:20 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-10 at 18:20 -0700, Connor Imes wrote:
> Re: Recommended Page Deletions
> So, we have created a new Category called CategoryDeletion -
> at Matt's request.
> I made my way through and
> checked out pages that immediately appeared as though they may be
> outdated, incomplete, or useless, then added appropriate pages to
> CategoryDeletion after noting on the page that it was marked to be
> deleted and included a few words why.  This should be how we mark pages
> for deletion, you can see examples from the CategoryDeletion page.
> I also marked people's homepages that were either empty or had links to
> homepages for Deletion.  If anybody has objections to
> this, please speak up.  I would ultimately like email all those who have
> homepages and list emails on them to let them know that their homepages
> should be on so that we can delete them later (to remove
> clutter).
> Today was a rough once-through, only clicking on obvious links.  Any
> help it tagging more pages would be greatly appreciated, then those with
> Delete permissions can check them out and take action if appropriate.
> Expediting this process would allow us to move on to actually updating
> the rest of the help wiki.
> Re: Outdated Pages
> Although I don't mind deleting them, some of the pages for unsupported
> versions of Ubuntu may want to be archived on since I
> noticed they have CategoryArchive -
> - this may be more appropriate
> for the core pages.
Connor, I know that archiving is usually considered a good idea by
many... My thoughts are that if a page is say breezy specific then
archiving is pretty useless. Considering that even if someone did run
breezy, there are no repos.

I guess a redirect would be good form, but honestly is even that worth
the effort?
> Comments?  Please provide feedback, we would love to get this done
> quickly, but still using acceptable procedures.  There is so much more
> to do.
> Thanks,
> -Connor Imes
> PS: The Beginners Team members are active on IRC, so chatting in
> #ubuntu-doc can allow us to work in real time.  See you there!
> -my irc name = Rocket2DMn

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