Wiki Overhaul, round 1

Connor Imes rocket2dmn at
Wed Jun 11 01:20:18 UTC 2008

Re: Recommended Page Deletions

So, we have created a new Category called CategoryDeletion - at Matt's request.

I made my way through and
checked out pages that immediately appeared as though they may be
outdated, incomplete, or useless, then added appropriate pages to
CategoryDeletion after noting on the page that it was marked to be
deleted and included a few words why.  This should be how we mark pages
for deletion, you can see examples from the CategoryDeletion page.

I also marked people's homepages that were either empty or had links to homepages for Deletion.  If anybody has objections to
this, please speak up.  I would ultimately like email all those who have
homepages and list emails on them to let them know that their homepages
should be on so that we can delete them later (to remove

Today was a rough once-through, only clicking on obvious links.  Any
help it tagging more pages would be greatly appreciated, then those with
Delete permissions can check them out and take action if appropriate.
Expediting this process would allow us to move on to actually updating
the rest of the help wiki.

Re: Outdated Pages

Although I don't mind deleting them, some of the pages for unsupported
versions of Ubuntu may want to be archived on since I
noticed they have CategoryArchive - - this may be more appropriate
for the core pages.

Comments?  Please provide feedback, we would love to get this done
quickly, but still using acceptable procedures.  There is so much more
to do.

-Connor Imes

PS: The Beginners Team members are active on IRC, so chatting in
#ubuntu-doc can allow us to work in real time.  See you there!
-my irc name = Rocket2DMn

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