The MoinMoin wiki engine and updates to the documentation

shirish shirishag75 at
Sun Jun 1 08:31:25 UTC 2008

Hi all,
     I had asked quite sometime back ( )
about updates to moin moin to which Matthew East had responded by
saying that would be looked during that time's release cycle .
( )
At that point the reason given was that its patched to integrate with
Launchpad. Now a year has gone by and we are at Moin Moin 1.6.3 on
stable and 1.7.0 rc1 .

Why just like launchpad can't the wiki be used by two kinds of people.
One who want to be on the stable moin moin wiki 1.6.3 and the others
who are happy to see what works or breaks on 1.7.0 rc 1 kind of stuff
and also help moin moin at the same time? (Similar to

If something has been tried on the same which I'm unaware please point
me to the links. I have been reading the doc mails but as and when I
get time.

The other point I wanted to stress or talk about is the documentation
within the wiki itself. For e.g. look at Now I'm no expert but I do know that
upstart has been doing things, updating/modifying things so lot of
packages can be event-driven. Now as a user I would like to know where
we are atm and what the roadmap is . This isn't clear to me.

I also know its the community which is supposed to come forward and
write some of this stuff if they know. Unlike mediawiki where one can
just add section-wise which makes it easier for noobs to get their
hands wet, here one is given the whole page. As a newbie its makes it
harder to dive into. Also the absence of having an RTE (Rich Text
Editor) makes it also user unfriendly.

I know you guys are trying to do the best you can. It would be nice if
we could have that. Please checkout the moin moin pages
to see the difference.

It would be nice if this functionality could be done ASAP in the wiki.

Looking forward to hear on the same.
 Shirish Agarwal
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