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Wed May 9 07:07:48 UTC 2007

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* Matthew East:
> Hi all,
> I've just been through the various pending applications to the
> ubuntu-doc launchpad team and rejected 52 applicants. (I used the same
> message for each, so please forgive me if the message seemed quite
> impersonal).
> Even though we've made it clear on the homepage that the team is
> currently used to show people who have access to our svn repository and
> people should contribute before applying, I don't think this is working!
> So for that reason I've changed the team permissions to "restrictive" so
> that only team administrators can add new members - that way, when
> requesting svn passwords for new contributors, we can also add them to
> the team.
> Please post if you have any thoughts on that policy.

An alternative would be to have a completely open group that anyone can
join (ubuntu-doc) which we use as the bug contact and such; and then a
restricted group (e.g. ubuntu-doc-svn) reserved for those with access to
the svn repository. This structure might encourage contribution more
than the one described above.

What do people think?

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