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Sun May 6 20:43:00 UTC 2007

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Hi all,

I've just been through the various pending applications to the
ubuntu-doc launchpad team and rejected 52 applicants. (I used the same
message for each, so please forgive me if the message seemed quite

Even though we've made it clear on the homepage that the team is
currently used to show people who have access to our svn repository and
people should contribute before applying, I don't think this is working!
So for that reason I've changed the team permissions to "restrictive" so
that only team administrators can add new members - that way, when
requesting svn passwords for new contributors, we can also add them to
the team.

Please post if you have any thoughts on that policy.

One other thing we should consider is what to do with members who do not
currently contribute to the repository, although they may be members of
the LP group and have access to the server. One option would be to ask
people if they still intend to contribute, and if not, disable their
membership of the team/access to the repository. Another would be to
have a time limit on team membership, such as 2 years, which other teams
use. Personally I don't like the latter solution, because people's
contributions to the team will tend to vary in time - some might be
several years, others a matter of months. Any thoughts on that?

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