music player listings, cd database listings and album art cover

Brian Burger blurdesign at
Mon May 14 06:54:35 UTC 2007

On 5/6/07, shirish <shirishag75 at> wrote:

> 2. CD database listings:- The only one which I found is freedb server. There
> is lot of info. at from
> which quite a bit of info could be duplicated here alongwith working perhaps
> of oen of the applications. Simply so that people who do read the
> documentation would at the very least know about the alternatives.
There's MusicBrainz, which Ubuntu's default CD ripper, SoundJuicer,
uses for data. There's even a connection from SJ back to MusicBrainz,
to make it a bit easier to add an album that isn't in MusicBrainz's


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