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Hi all,
      I looked both at the official documentation as well as community
documentation on the above subject. Please see :- as well as as these are the only 2
which talk of music in any way.

 Now I want to do as a user, being able to download album art covers as well
as edit and add my cd/music listings to some free (as in GPL server) so
others can download it & share it. Neither of the two documents talk about
these aspects.

1. Most of the applications atleast in  the Universe  use Amazon to download
album covers, is there or isn't there any other means to have free
downloadable covers or not is not known. Can somebody point this out or have
some resource listed there if there is so.

2. CD database listings:- The only one which I found is freedb server. There
is lot of info. at from which quite a
bit of info could be duplicated here alongwith working perhaps of oen of the
applications. Simply so that people who do read the documentation would at
the very least know about the alternatives.

 I'm ready to put whatever I know & whatever can be gleaned from you guys on
the community end but would like to have some more info. discussion on this
before I start any additions to the site.

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          Shirish Agarwal
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