Please don't change the host name for the wiki site.

Matthew East mdke at
Fri May 4 13:16:31 UTC 2007

Hi Mike,

On Fri, May 4, 2007 1:00 pm, Mike Feravolo wrote:

> it's a wiki call it what it is.

This argument doesn't really begin to take into account the reasoning set
out in the specification.

Please have a read of the specification. I think you will begin to
appreciate that the Ubuntu world contains a number of different "wikis"
(notably the development wiki and the documentation wiki), and the
existence of the hostname causes great confusion for
people who do not know that other wikis exist or what a wiki is. More
technically minded people such as yourself probably know what a wiki is,
but that's not the case for everybody.

It's never a good idea to call a website after the software that drives
it. Imagine if the Ubuntu website was called or

Another positive example to follow is Launchpad, which structures its
websites as follows: (not (not

Conclusion - it's a good idea if the url of a website actually positively
describes the content of that site.

Finally, please note that the idea would not be to abolish the url, but just to have it redirect to something more friendly.

As I've made clear in a previous post, the idea requires serious
discussion before it will be considered for approval and your input, along
with everyone elses, is very welcome.

If you post again to the mailing list, please consider reading the
guidelines on how to post at - your post started a new
thread rather than continuing the existing discussion.

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