Unable to do searching

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at
Sun Dec 21 14:20:54 UTC 2008

Dougie Richardson wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Dec 2008 13:19:22 +0100
> Marko Oreskovic <markoresko at> wrote:
>> Dougie Richardson wrote:

I won`t argue with you Dougie Richardson.
We have a solution for not using external java script.
and it only waits to be implemented right.

There is numerous reasons I explained, you were not trying to discuss
them and your ignorance is not helping at all.

You are repeatedly missing a point of discussion.
Point is not usage of google but a way search is displayed to the user
and requirements on the user side for a search to be functional.

Take a look at this thread,

Re-read all posts and please stop responding with ignorant messages to
the problem. You are not helping. Thank you.

Also try to update to LTS or current Ubuntu release with FF3.
Dustin Kirkland wrote:
> I have sent Matt a patch that will display the header,
> with search box, consistently with and without javascript enabled.
> Hopefully he can apply it soon...
> If you have javascript enabled, your search results will appear within:
>  * page.
> If you do not have javascript enabled, your search will post to a
> Google page, and your search results will be available here, with the
> documentation logo and stylesheet colors.
>  *

Matthew East wrote:
> This hasn't been rolled out yet to (the static pages)
> because doing so requires a complete rebuild of the website, which is
> rather time consuming. I haven't had a lot of time recently.

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