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Wed May 9 09:32:09 UTC 2007

On 09/05/07, Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com> wrote:
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> Hi Freddy,
> * Freddy Martinez:
> > I like the way the team is now (people have to be added). It will make
> > the team members look back at the commits, where they came from etc. I
> > think the biggest problem is getting information across to people of
> > where to send patches / documentation etc. Also, where do we fit in the
> > other areas of doc work (wiki for example)? This may become problematic
> > when we focus only on system documentation.
> You're right about these last two things.
> I'm quite concerned at the moment that there is not much contribution in
> the docteam compared to the level of contribution we see in other Ubuntu
> teams, such as development, bug work, marketing etc. It would be nice to
> do some work this cycle on encouraging more contribution to the team.
> The dividing line between the wiki and system documentation which you
> mention is key to that, I think. The former has a much lower barrier to
> entry and we need to ensure the transition between the two is smoother
> than it is now.
> Other things we can try and do are:
> * Improve the visibility of how to contribute - tidy up the team wiki
> pages; link to them more prominently from the help website, etc.
> * Blog/post to the Fridge more often about what we are doing.
> What other ideas do people have about improving contribution?
> Matt

1. Accept and Commit or Reject patches sent to the docs list in a reasonable
    of time - Less than a week preferably.
2. DocTeam docs on the wiki are horrific, with no coherent structure and
leave you
    scrapping round for correct info. If I see another 'make au' or 'make
dg' build target
    that I certainly can't find in any makefile, I am going to scream. :-)

    - Good example is the 'Marking Section Status' section on:
    - Link to DocTeam status page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamStatus
    - Page does not exist.

3. Better explanations of the linkage between docs svn tree and ghelp/yelp.

These are the ones off the top of my head.


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