(K)Ubuntu Gusty

Ross Peoples ubuntu.ross.peoples at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 03:36:57 UTC 2007

Well, I have it installed after running into several problems. I will
probably need to reinstall it though, as I'm getting some very strange

The actual install went well, but on first boot, the update manager
never showed up, so I did a manual update, rebooted, and ran into an
error message leaving me at the default gnome login screen instead of

I have a question also...I read that Tribe 3 of Feisty has several new
things, such as display-related items grouped into a single window, yet
I did not see any of that. Am I missing something?

I'll try again tomorrow, using the Kubuntu Gusty CD this time. Earlier,
I only did the Ubuntu Gusty CD, got all those errors, then installed the
kubuntu-desktop package, which cluttered things up quite a bit. I'd hate
to write documentation which refers to something a standard Kubuntu
install doesn't have.

Also, I think it's only fair that you know, I don't really know how to
write in DocBook or use svn very well. I did, however, start writing
documentation for a product at work using DokuWiki last week. So if
DocBook is anything like wiki, I'll be ok :)



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