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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Jul 24 12:04:30 UTC 2007

Le jeudi 05 juillet 2007 à 08:30 +0100, Matthew East a écrit :
> Hi there,
> To: Gnome doc lists
> Cc: Ubuntu Gnome maintainers, Ubuntu doc list
> I'm looking for some advice.
> In Ubuntu, during the last release we incorporated the Gnome user guide
> into the structure of our documentation. This has the advantage that we
> don't have to worry about recreating the wheel and can use the excellent
> material from upstream.
> The basic problem we are having though is that Ubuntu customises quite a
> lot of Gnome, and as a result the Gnome documentation is wrong, and we
> need to correct it. An example is the layout of the System menu, which
> in Ubuntu does not contain the screenshot/lockscreen buttons, but which
> are part of vanilla Gnome and therefore documented in the Gnome user guide.
> The two possible ways of correcting these are:
> 1. Creating patches on the Gnome documentation in the Ubuntu packages of
> gnome-user-docs.
> 2. Creating a separate tree with a copy of the Gnome documentation (to
> be updated from time to time) and shipping it separately in a new
> package, or with the Ubuntu-specific documentation.
> Both of these strike me as being quite difficult to maintain. I've never
> tried to maintain patches on documentation before but I bet it's pretty
> difficult.


The copy doesn't really make sense. The easier way is easier to maintain
a set of patches or a branch in bzr for the Ubuntu changes. I'm not sure
if translated versions are generated at build time or every of them will
also need patching though.

Sebastien Bacher

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