reorganisation of directories

Matthew East mdke at
Sat Jan 27 13:42:55 UTC 2007


Although I thought our directory structure was going to work better than
the one we've used in previous releases, it turns out that it won't, and
translating the documentation would have been much more difficult.

So I've moved things back to the old structure.


trunk/ubuntu/C/internet/internet.xml is now at

The consequence of this (unfortunately) is that we have lots of broken
links that need to be fixed. This should be relatively easy with sed or
find/replace, but first we need to decide upon which technique to use to
link between documents.

I think the best way to do this is to use the GNOME/KDE help system links.
So for example, in GNOME:

<ulink type=“help” url=“ghelp://internet?wireless”>link text</ulink>

The alternative would be to do something clever with a ⟨ entity in
the link urls, which I'm not so keen on.

Any thoughts?

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