New Launchpad quick-start guide

Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Thu Jan 4 12:33:42 UTC 2007

> It's a first draft but it'd be great to get some feedback on this. More
> importantly I plan to Ubuntufy it - explain more about what Launchpad is
> and how it relates to Ubuntu - and your thoughts on that, as well as
> where it might sit, would be greatly appreciated.

Looks great, clean, simple and informative.
*"Step 7:* Enter then confirm the password" Is there supposed to be a comma
there or something. Don't know I'm not that good at English grammar but that
sentence fooled me.

About Ubuntufying. I think it should be in an entirely separate document
containing nothing but en explanation of what Lauchpad is to Ubuntu. It is
very nice that this guide is as clean as it is, and so it doesn't need

Regards TLE
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