New Launchpad quick-start guide

Will van der Leij will at
Thu Jan 4 10:43:15 UTC 2007

Hi Matthew.

> I've written the first of many Launchpad quick-start guides, "Creating
> your Launchpad account":
> Quick explanation of what I think of as a quick-start guide: step by
> step instructions that allow a novice user to achieve a specific goal,
> without necessarily needing to understand the background to what they're
> doing.

Great to see. 
Do you have a "planning" page up somewhere with a roadmap/proposed
structure? This could be quite useful to encourage outside

Secondly, where are you planning on linking all the guides from (i.e. a
"master" page)?

I'd like to input where I can. I was planning on fleshing out some
launchpad help within the Edubuntu space but this is a much more logical

Will van der Leij

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