Documentation regarding system requirements for feisty/or edgy, hoary, dapper

shirish agarwal shirishag75 at
Mon Apr 16 08:40:43 UTC 2007

Hi all,
        I wanted to see what sort of system requirements are required by
Feisty. System requirements meaning :-

e.g. for desktop :-
Type of machine :- p3 1000 mhz
RAM :- 64 MB RAM
Graphics/VRAM :-  Anything above 4 MB RAM
          or something to that effect. None of the recent (as well as not so
recent) distros. tell about that. The only link I found something suitable
was at
talks about warty.
          Another thing, unless one looks at the URI or URL one cannot know
whether its warty, hoary or some recent distro. There should be some
distinguishing feature or way so one knows it at a glance (without it being
obstructive for the gentleman who is partially blind & is therefore trying
to make the mp3s &/or oggs) . Lemme know what u guys think? Thanx in

          Shirish Agarwal
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