Request to include in User Documentation - 'Clean install & /home-folder'

Phil Bull philbull at
Fri Apr 6 20:23:04 UTC 2007

Hi Roelski,

On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 14:18 +0000, Roel Van Ranst (Telenet) wrote:
> Dear Ubuntu User Documentation Team,
> Amongst a few users we've been discussing possible /home-folder issues
> during an upgrade vs. clean install.  A number of suggestions were
> given, including the suggestion to bring it to the attention of you,
> the Doc-Team, in an polite attempt to have the item covered in a
> manual or howto.
> You can review the entire post here: 
> Thanks for your ideas, comments and feedback.
> Should you need any additional information, please contact me by email.

I've created a new wiki page with some basic information [1], and have
linked to it where it seemed appropriate to do so. Please review it and
see if it meets your needs. Also, feel free to modify it if you find any
errors or omissions.



[1] -

Phil Bull

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