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Milo Casagrande milo_casagrande at yahoo.it
Thu Feb 2 21:13:25 UTC 2006

Hello to all!

I was reading through some posts in the italian ubuntu forum [1] and
found an interesting one [2].
Some users are complaining about the lack of information on how to
contribute to the ubuntu community or on how to get help, this in
particular for new users. They were talking about the default start page
in firefox that should inform the users about all of the communication
channels of the community (chat, wiki, lists, doc...); and also about
modifying the start page of the forum.

I was thinking about another approach. I'm thinking something like
having yelp starting automatically the first time i login onto my
freshly ubuntu install, with a nice localized (l7d) start page with all
the l7d links to the resources (something a-la "About Ubuntu") and the
usual links you find in yelp ("Packaging Guide", "Starter Guide"...)
(maybe also l7d).

A great feature would be having a snapshot of the wiki for offline
reading for resolving problems like DSL connection, modems, 3D..., maybe
linked from yelp (a project like this is already working for the italian
wiki [3] and the german one, the project is FrozenWiki [4]).

Another useful thing would be having all the l7d links to the community
inside firefox, next to the "Firefox & Mozilla Information" bookmarks,
by default.

Any thoughts?

[1] http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/
[2] http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.php?topic=16833.0
[3] http://help.ubuntu-it.org/wiki/
[4] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrozenWiki

Milo Casagrande  <milo_casagrande at yahoo.it>
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