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Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 2 21:29:22 UTC 2006

Milo Casagrande wrote:

> A great feature would be having a snapshot of the wiki for offline
> reading for resolving problems like DSL connection, modems, 3D..., maybe
> linked from yelp (a project like this is already working for the italian
> wiki and the german one, the project is FrozenWiki).

I had suggested something similar a while back: For people who do not have
a good internet connection, there should be some snapshot of the LoCo Team
list on the Live CD.  (That was before I understood that most LoCo's cover
an entire country.)  If newbies could just pop in a CD without a network
connection, and get a list of people in their geographic region that might
be able to help them get started, it would be very useful.  However, that
might require LoCo contacts to volunteer a non-e-mail alternative method
of providing help...
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