Mockup for Community Support site [was: Re: From the docteam meeting]

Andreas Lloyd lloydinho at
Thu Aug 3 11:21:51 UTC 2006

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> On Jul 25, 2006, at 2:07 AM, Andreas Lloyd wrote:
>> ...
>> I think the webpage is organized for a different purpose. When I open
>> the page I can only see "Free Support", "" and "IRC
>> (Chat)" without scrolling. I'd like to have the 4 most used options
>> even more obvious. Having the further links as hyperlinks, requiring
>> further navigation makes it slightly more difficult to find the right
>> option. Maybe it's a question of reorganizing that page so that it
>> contains big buttons for each of the relevant options so as to make
>> it easier for the user to recognize.
>> ...
> Yes, maybe someone can start a redesign of that page on
>, and once it's done we can send the wiki markup (and
> any images) to Matt Nuzum for replacing the current page on
> Any volunteers?

With help from the art team, I've created the relevant buttons, and made
a mockup of the Support page:

If anybody are unhappy with the look of the buttons, you're welcome to
fire up Inkscape and have a go at them. The SVGs are available here:'s/

Comments are welcome!


PS: You can read the Art-Team discussion about the buttons here:


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