[PATCH] UDG: Begins book->help pages conversion

Andreas Lloyd lloydinho at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 14:47:21 UTC 2006

Matthew East wrote:
> * Matthew Paul Thomas:
> >> *   "Contributing and Feedback": Now in its own "How you can help"
> >>     section. Again, this is temporary, but I think it would be quite
> >>     shippable if I got hit by a bus tomorrow and nobody made further
> >>     changes.
> I've changed this from a chapter to an appendix (because otherwise the
> table of contents was numbered like this: 1, 2, 3, A, B, 4. But it got
> me thinking more: do we actually want a chapter in the desktop section
> about contributing and feedback? It should be part of the "contribute"
> document on the front page of yelp, so maybe we can remove it. The case
> for that becomes especially compelling if some kind of feedback
> mechanism can be integrated with yelp.
I'm sure it would be easy to integrate these pages into the Contribute
doc. Just let me know if I need to cover any extra ground if you decide
to nuke the "How you can help" page. You can still find the current
draft of the Contribute Doc at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu

I don't know about integrating feedback through Yelp, as that will leave
Khelpcenter out of the loop, so instead I've been in touch with Mikko,
the Summer of Code student who is doing the Wiki2DocBook project to hear
if he could add a function to add links to the bottom of exported pages.
I think he's willing to implement this, though he will require some
reminding. He's idling from time to time on #ubuntu-doc, so if you see
him, give him a reminder to have a look at this. :-)


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