Docteam translations

Matthew East matthew.east at
Mon Mar 28 22:17:06 UTC 2005


First of all, please excuse my English.

The Docteam documentations has been finalised for hoary now and it needs
translating. The following documents are in the docteam svn repository
AboutUbuntu and ReleaseNotes in .pot file format. I thought that I would
message some of the LocoTeams to ask if you're interested in organising
translation of these docs. Basically they need to be translated and
returned to the docteam in .po format. The French version is already
done, and I've messaged the italian list separately. We can forward
copies of the .pot files if you can't get em off the repository.

No worries if it can't be done, it was just an idea.

I'm not subscribed to any of your lists, so hopefully this message will
be moderated through quickly! Sorry if I've missed locoteams off but
please spread the word if you like.

If this works, then perhaps it might be able to form the base of a
greater alliance between the locoteams and the translators.

yours, Matt

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