Procedure to get documentation to translate imported into Rosetta

matthew.east at matthew.east at
Sat Mar 26 11:41:36 UTC 2005

[ISO-8859-15] Carlos Perell� Mar�n writes: 

> Hi, 
> enrico asked me to send you an email with the needed details to get 
> documentation imported into Rosetta to be translated easily.

Hi there, 

I wondered whether the translating team has sufficient italian translators 
for the documentation. If not please let me know and I will send a shout out 
to the Italian list: there will be lots of willing helpers and maybe even 
the Quickguide could be translated! 

I'm not subscribed to the rosetta-users or ubuntu-translators list (although 
I am on the ubuntu-doc list), so please cc: me in if replying to this! 

Perhaps even a similar procedure might be followed with regard to the other 
languages? I'm sure we can get many people involved in translating because I 
can see from the wiki that many people are involved in translating the 
"unofficial" documents into French, Spanish, Italian, etc. 

yours, Matt

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