Procedure to get documentation to translate imported into Rosetta

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Sat Mar 26 11:13:06 UTC 2005


enrico asked me to send you an email with the needed details to get 
documentation imported into Rosetta to be translated easily.

Rosetta only supports translate .pot files thus, you need first a way to 
get a .pot file from the docbook sources (xml2po from gnome-doc-utils 
package is a good way to do it).

After that, create a tarball with this structure:


Where "your_template_to_translate.pot" is the .pot with all the strings 
to be translated and es.po, it.po and cy.po are already existing 
translations that you want to import also into Rosetta.

If you only have the .pot file is ok.

The tarball should be named as:


For instance:


In case you have more than one .pot for the same sourcepackage, just add 
  another directory like the 'po' one with it:


When you have those tarball, send them to me 
(carlos.perello at or to Daf (daf at and we will 
add them to the automatic import system. If it's bigger than one 
megabyte, please, send only a URL where we can download it.

I hope they will appear in Rosetta during next week.


P.S.: Take care, that Rosetta has not been tested yet as a tool to 
translate documentation (big chunks of text in one message) so, feel 
free to suggest anything that could improve that use case.
P.S.2: Any problem/question about Rosetta should be sent to 
rosetta-users at

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