moin on the wiki

Matthew East matthew.east at
Tue Mar 15 23:38:55 UTC 2005

> Well, I guess the best thing to do would be to have a WikiPolicy page or
> something like that. (There may be one already, probably with another
> name.) And then whenever you edit a page to conform to the WikiPolicy,
> note it prominently in the change comments.


> My experience on suggests that the best way to enforce
> style policy is to:
>  - regularly change pages to conform to policy with policy comments that
>    show up in the recent pages page
>  - leave messages for enthusiastic contributors who don't follow style
>    policy on their user talk pages (I don't know the zwiki equivalent).

+1+1, although this should be done tactfully in a way to keep
encouraging them to contribute. :)

> Inter-language policy is a bit harder. I know that the way
> does it is to require that the people working in other
> languages maintain an up-to-date translation of certain policy pages
> into that language.

Good idea. I will ensure that it is done for Italian. When I leave a
message for the French contributor I will also suggest it to him.
Gradually we will spread the word.


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